Useful Resources/Websites for Dementia

There are abundant resources online for anyone looking for information about dementia. There are also web forums where people can go for advice and support. Some of the most popular websites online dealing with dementia includes:

Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, and the Alzheimer's Society ( is an organisation that provides help to anyone dealing with this condition. There are useful articles on the website looking at things like living with dementia and caring for a person with dementia. There is also an online forum where people can ask questions and seek support. It is possible to stay on top of the latest Alzheimer's Society News by signing up for their newsletter. There is also an Alzheimers Society YouTube channel where there are many videos about the condition.

NHS Choices - Dementia Guide

The NHS Choices website provides a brief overview of dementia, and there is also a short video explaining the condition. This site also links to more in-depth articles and useful resources. The dementia guide is a useful first-stop for anyone who wants an introduction to this type of cognitive impairment. is a US based website that provides tons of information about dementia. It is run by a non-profit organisation, and the goal is to enhance the support offered to people dealing with this condition - not only the individual but also the family and carer. One of the most helpful things about this website is it provides information on the latest research and clinical trials. There is also a good selection of video resources here as well.

Alzheimer's Research UK

The Alzheimer's Research website is a good place to go for the latest research into dementia. This is the place to go to find out about the latest research into dementia from the people who are actually involved in this work.

Psych Forums - Dementia Forum

The Dementia Forum at Psych Forums is a good place to go for answers to questions. There are over one hundred thousand members of this community, so it should be possible to gain a great deal of knowledge by spending some time here.

Alzheimer's Reading Room

The Alzheimer's Reading Room is a popular blog owned by Bob DeMarco. He posts regularly and covers every conceivable topic related to dementia. There are also usually plenty of replies in the comment section for his posts. Bob felt inspired to start this blog following his experience of caring for his mother who has Alzheimer's. Some of the questions he covers in his posts include important issues like should people who have dementia still drive.

About Dementia

About Dementia is another popular blog/website that provides information about the condition in easy to understand terms. The content on here is provided by Esther Heerema, and she is a qualified social worker who has been assisting clients with dementia for over seventeen years. She also provides a handy list of books, magazines, and movies that may be of interest to anyone dealing with this condition.

Mayo Clinic - Dementia

The Mayo Clinic website has become a trusted resource on the web for reliable information about all types of health condition. They offer a good overview of dementia, and they provide links to other resources for people who want more in-depth information.